Frozen Stawberries Whole or Cubed

Frozen Stawberries Whole or Cubed

Our IQF strawberry is harvested at mid west part of Mexico which is Michoacan state. It was appropriate acidity and fragrance. We mainly sell Camino Real variety and Festival variety. It could be used to the raw material of jam, sauce, juice, and etc..


Camino Real, Festival
Harvest Season
December - June
Brix 8 ± 1 pH : 3.0 - 3.8 Color : USDA Grade A, B, C Size Hole Large 20 - 35 mm, Medium 21- 30 mm, Small 15 or less Diced 9 - 12 mm Freezing Method : IQF or BQF
Keep frozen at -18 degrees Celsius
Shelf life
Two years since packing date for unopened product if properly handled and stored at the recomended temperature
10kg and 13.6kg Bulk Carton and also we use polyesthylene bag inside the bulk box
Processed in FREXPORT, Grupo Altex's freozen processing plant. FREXPORT applies FDA 's title 21, title 100 and GMP's practices in processing line which allow them to provide high quality products. FREXPORT also satisfy NSF and SQF.

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